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Issue #5 resolved

__getitem__ handling of maskandscale

Eric Firing
created an issue

I think the attached patch illustrates a better way to handle reading with maskandscale. Without at least some change, the present version fails if there is no missing value attribute. The patch fixes that, and also makes the operation more efficient by minimizing copying and calculating.

Comments (5)

  1. Eric Firing reporter

    I am attaching a third file; please ignore the first two. This last one is a changeset generated with "hg export". I have been using it successfully with a file containing integer data with missing values, a scale factor, and an offset. I think it will handle just about anything about as efficiently as can be done. I am changing the type to "bugfix" because I think the original behavior is broken; scaling and an offset are not applied if there is no missing value.

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