Added generator and coroutine support for netcdf streaming

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  1. hiebert
  • Implemented netcdf_file._write() to use a generator
    • changed self.variables to be stored as an OrderedDict subclass to enforce iteration order on self.variables
    • removed all of the self.fp.write() calls from base functions
    • rewrote all of the metadata generating functions to return the bytes rather than write them
    • rewrote all metadata generating functions to avoid any seek()ing (requires a first pass over the header to calculate offsets)
    • added a __generate__() function which streams the output using yields
  • added helper functions for streaming netcdfs using generators or coroutines
    • When instantiating netcdf_file, added the option to not provide a filename, so that it's essentially just a metadata container
    • added a filesize property which calculates the projected file sizes for metadata only objects
    • added a set_numrecs function to netcdf_file (since the number of records must be set in the header
    • added nc_generator() and nc_coroutine() for setting up a netcdf pipeline and streaming netcdfs

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