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Updating the changelog for 0.1.6

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+python-jsonwidget (0.1.6) karmic; urgency=low
+  * Several new commands:
+  * New 'jwc editserver' command that runs a small webserver for editing files
+  * New 'jwc validate' command to validate a json file against a schema
+  * New 'jwc json2yaml' that provides commented yaml counterpart to json file
+  * New 'jwc yaml2json' counterpart
+  * Support for editing keys in json files when the schema allows for it
+  * A couple of addressbook schema fixes
+  * Adding desktopcouch schema examples (in preparation for future work)
+  * Many bugfixes
+ -- Rob Lanphier <>  Tue, 13 Apr 2010 16:15:26 -0700
 python-jsonwidget (0.1.5) karmic; urgency=low
   * Now generates schemas and uses generated schema as default for jsonedit
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