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Retain focus highlight while deleting an item

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File TODO.txt

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 Things to get done before version 0.1
 On deck:
-*  Keep item highlighted while deleting
+*  Change "add fields" to "add items" for sequences
-*  Change "add fields" to "add items" for sequences
 *  Clean up imports in "jsonedit"
 *  Add alias for editing address books
+*  Graceful error on mismatched schema
 *  Minimal check for urwid and simpleparse (and look for /etc/lsb-release to 
    figure out the right error message)
 *  Improve documentation in __init__.py
 *  Highlight all children when deleting
 *  Preserve key order in json files when saving
 *  Add a schema selection menu
+*  Add support for configuration files (look into ConfigObj)
+*  Only highlight the "Add Field" buttons rather than the whole row
 *  Update to urwid 0.9.9 mainloop
 **  Ensure that "delete" over "add fields" area doesn't cause crash
 **  Provide alert "foo is a required field"
 *  Rename "delete node" to something less compscinerdy
+*  Keep item highlighted while deleting

File jsonwidget/termedit.py

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         widget, node = self.listbox.get_focus()
         if node.is_deletable():
+            widget.set_selected()
+            widget.update_w()
             def delete_func():
+                widget.set_selected(False)
+                widget.update_w()
                 return editor.handle_delete_node()
+            def cancel_delete():
+                widget.set_selected(False)
+                widget.update_w()
+                editor.cleanup_delete_request()
             msg = "Delete %s? " % node.get_value().get_title()
-                                 nofunc=self.cleanup_delete_request,
-                                 cancelfunc=self.cleanup_delete_request)
+                                 nofunc=cancel_delete,
+                                 cancelfunc=cancel_delete)
             if isinstance(node, FieldAddNode):
                 nodemsg = 'Cannot delete "add field" buttons'

File jsonwidget/treetools.py

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     def is_selected(self):
         return self.selected
+    def set_selected(self, value=True):
+        self.selected = value
     def keypress(self, size, key):
         """allow subclasses to intercept keystrokes"""
         w = self.get_w()