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 Roadmap for future versions
+There's no firm roadmap for features right now.
 On deck:
+*  Consolidate several modules into jsonwidget/
-*  Put "Add field" over in the data area
+next version (e.g. 0.1.x):
 *  "Space" and "enter" should toggle expand/collapse on parent nodes
 *  Implement ability to edit arbitrary JSON
 *  Highlight all children when deleting
 *  Add a schema selection menu
 *  Add support for configuration files (look into ConfigObj)
 *  Only highlight the "Add Field" buttons rather than the whole row
-*  Make ordermaps optional
 *  Add ability to load schema from string buffer (so that an ordermap can be 
-*  Add schemagen tool
+next major version (e.g. 0.2.x):
 *  Update to urwid 0.9.9 mainloop
 *  Remap ctrl-s, ctrl-q, ctrl-c, etc
 *  Look at SitePen internet draft to see if compatibility is feasible
 *  Implement "File exists.  Overwrite?"
 *  Implement immediate filename prompt when write fails
 *  Implement read-only flag
+*  Put "Add field" over in the data area