Robot Tools

This directory contains supporting tools that can be used with Robot Framework. These tools help in some common tasks, but are not part of the core framework. Most tools show a help text describing their purpose and usage when they are executed from the command line without arguments or with '--help' option.


A graphical tool for monitoring text file. The main usage is monitoring Robot Framework's debug files (see --debugfile option) on Windows and systems where tail command is not available.


An AutoIT script to automatically install Robot Framework and its dependencies on a Windows XP machine.


A tool for generating graphs from historical output data.


A tool for comparing results of two or more test runs.


A tool for profiling / showing the most time consuming keywords from an output.xml.


A tool that reads start, end and elapsed times of every test suite, test case and keyword from an output file, and writes all the information to a csv file which can be manipulated further with any spreadsheet program.