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Update Readme to refer to emacs mode.

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 The authors of the program are Matija Pretnar <matija@pretnar.info>,
 and Andrej Bauer <Andrej.Bauer@andrej.com>, with modifications by
-Robert Simmons <robsimmons@gmail.com>.  See the file COPYRIGHT.txt for 
-license information.
+Robert Simmons <robsimmons@gmail.com>. Emacs mode by Ben Mosley. 
+See the file COPYRIGHT.txt for license information.
 If you have an older version of Objective Caml you can still compile
 the code by hand.
+A simple emacs highlighting mode for Levy is included; you can include it by 
+adding the following text to your .emacs file, changing the levy-root directory
+to wherever the code for Levy was placed.
+;; Setup for levy-mode
+(setq levy-root "/home/hqbovik/levy/")
+(load (concat levy-root "levy.el"))
+(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.levy\\'" . levy-mode))