Rob van der Linde committed 297e31e

Fix possible issue with page cache being used from other sites that are running on the same server (again!!) by adding more randomness and using the SECRET_KEY as part of generating the cache key hash.

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             url = "http://" + request.META["HTTP_HOST"] + request.path
             if request.META["QUERY_STRING"]:
                 url += "?" + request.META["QUERY_STRING"]
-            url_hash = hashlib.md5(url).hexdigest()
+            cache_key = "page_cache_%s" % hashlib.md5(settings.SECRET_KEY + url).hexdigest()
-            prev_date = cache.get(url_hash)
+            prev_date = cache.get(cache_key)
             if not prev_date:
                 prev_date = http_date()
-                cache.set(url_hash, prev_date)
+                cache.set(cache_key, prev_date)
                 response["Last-Modified"] = prev_date
             response["Date"] = http_date()
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