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RVCMS is an open source content management system for Django released under a BSD license. It is not widely known or used at the moment, mainly I use it myself for the small amount of websites I run.

State of the project

I don't yet recommend using this project at this point, there was a period where I was quite busy during my studies and let the CMS development slip a bit, and I am still suffering from the technical debt that caused now. Basically, the CMS is in a bit of a mess at the moment, although I aim to fix this with a new release in time, but I expect this to take a while, considering how far the CMS has slipped.

The current stable version of the CMS is 0.3, which is designed for Django 1.3 and won't work with Django 1.4 or 1.5, but also the CMS is currently completely undocumented and there aren't really any installation instructions yet either.

To make things worse, I was also relying on a few third-party Django libraries, that have since been abandoned. These include django-tagging for example, which hasn't had any commits for years.

I also used a module called django-filebrowser, but at the time I didn't quite like the requirement of "Grappelli" that newer versions django-filebrowser required, so I used a fork of django-filebrowser without Grappelli support. The problem is that these forks are really under-maintained, which really doesn't help, and they also still use Flash for multiple file uploads, while the official django-filebrowser now uses HTML 5. To make things worse still, I even included the filebrowser code in my code base, so I could make modifications to it, rather than just use it as a dependency, which I should have done.

Another one of these libraries is django-treemenus, now that is still being actively developed, but I needed to do a certain amount of modifications to it too, so I too included it in my code base and really shouldn't have. I also have outgrown this library a bit, and need more, so I am thinking of writing my own menu system on top of django-mptt.

Redoing the project

I am working on a new 0.4 version aimed at Django 1.5, this version is being developed in a separate branch, because it's not quite ready.

I am making some big changes, replacing now abandoned libraries with other similar ones, or rewriting them myself if needed, this will likely bring on schema changes and I am not really planning a nice upgrade path from the 0.3 version at this stage, as this new version is going to be so different, it's almost a new product, however this is desperately needed for the CMS to be able to survive at this stage.

Newer versions coming out after that, should get a nice upgrade path, as I also finally started using django-south in this version of the CMS for migrations.

This new version will also bring decent installation instructions and some documentation, as well as a project template to quickly get started.

I am planning to create another Wiki page soon, listing all these changes I am working on.