gae-init-babel is a clone of gae-init, so if you're not familiar on how to work with it is better to head there for the instructions to get started before diving into the i18n and L10n of your app.

Demo page

The latest version is always accessible from:

Getting the code

The easiest way to get the code is to fork it and then clone it. Or you can clone it directly using the command line:

$ hg clone project-name


Run the script with an argument -h from the main directory to get the new commands regarding Babel.

$ cd /path/to/project-name/main
$ ./ -h


  • Being familiar with like in gae-init
  • Babel - easy_install Babel
  • Jinja2 - easy_install Jinja2

Contact & Support

Due to lack of documentation if you run into any troubles, feel free to add an issue or use the feedback form and I'll be happy to improve or provide more info.


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