#web2py file structure

        Makefile                   # make all and make app                   # the startup script (*)              # created at startup 
        admin.tar                  # the admin app (*)
        examples.tar               # examples and documentation app (*)
        welcome.tar                # the welcome app (entry point) (*)
	\gluon                     # the core libraries (*)
        \deposit                   # used for zip and install apps               # used by py2app to make OSX executable               # used by py2app to make Winows executble             # to use Gluon with mod_wsgi
        \dist                      # used by py2app, py2exe
        \build                     # used by py2app, py2exe
        \tests                     # under development stuff
        \docs                      # in progress documentation
	\applications              # are the apps
		\welcome           # application welcome, for example

#EWF v1.5 -> v1.6 
load and save .py in ascii, avoids problem with LF+CR on windows
added path.join in compileapp, fixed problem with Windows compileapp

#EWF v1.6 -> v1.7
in paths replace '\' with '/' to fix problem with windows paths
using limitby in database administration
replaced mime/miltupart with multipart/form-data to fix a windows problem

#EWF v1.7 -> Gluon v1.0
Name change 
Improved layout.html

#Gluon v1.0 -> v1.1
bug in sqlhtml with JOINS queries

#Gluon v1.1 -> v1.2
fixed some typos in examples
IS_IN_SET now supports labels
cleanup in does not cleanup, just checks valid field and table names

#Gluon v1.3
added IS_IN_DB, IS_NOT_IN_DB and updated examples accordingly

#Gluon v1.4
fixed problem with IS_INT_IN_RANGE and IS_FLOAT_IN_RANGE. Now an error in a validator is reported as a ticket. Good validators should not raise Exceptions.
IS_IN_DB displays "label (id)"
it can upload files without extension
migration is now optional (define_table has migrate=False option)

#Gluon v1.5
<form> -> <form method="post"> in errors.html
replace('//','////') in sub in

#Gluon v1.8
no more chdir (thread unsafe)
no more sys.stdout (thread unsafe)
response.body is StringIO()
admin/default/site informs about upgrade (optional)

#Gluon v1.9
allow "count(*)" in select
fixed problem with continue and return in template
removed try: ... except in
fixed '\t'

#Gluon v1.10
fixed concurrency problems with SQLDB._instances and SQLDB._folders, now use lock
now, by default, edit SQLFORMs retain uploaded files

#Gluon v1.11
appadmin allows to keep or delete uploaded files

#Gluon v1.12
handles NULL values properly
unicode support (data always stored in utf-8)
'date' -> ,'time' -> datetime.time, 'datetime' -> datetime.datetime, 'boolean' -> True/False
most types have default validators
SQLField(...,required=True) option.
SQLRows has __str__ that serializes in CSV and xml() that serializes in HTML
SQLTable has import_from_csv_file(...)
gluon.simplejson for AJAX
IS_IN_DB(db,..) -  db can be an SQLSet or an SQLDB
better error messages
in admin
new import/export in csv, update and delete interface.
in appadmin
edit form allows to keep stored encrypted password
http://host not defaults to http://host/init/default/index
New third party modules
gluon.simplejson(.dumps, .loads)

#Gluon v1.13
(this is one of the biggest revisions ever)
Improved has support MySQL, cxOracle (experimental), extract, like and better testing
SQLDB.tables and SQLTable.fields are now SQLCalableList objects
Fixed bug with editing integer fields storing zero
Admin interface now says "insert new [tablename]" and display insert, select or update properly in the title.
Added a cache mechamism. Works for data, controllers, views and SQLRows. now uses a request.folder absolute path when not in ['nt','posix']. Seems to work on windowsce devices, except no file locking has consequences.
Now you can put modules in applications/[anyapp]/modules and import them with
import applications.[anyapp].modules.[module] as [module]
Fixed problem with init
New applications/examples/controller/ controller for docs.

#Gluon v1.14
Fixed a bug fix in URLs

#Gluon v1.15
New try:... except. in gluon/ for when sessions cannot be saved
Now validator/formatter method allows IS_DATE('%d/%m/%Y')

#web2py v1.16
yes we changed the name! Turns out Gluon was trademarked by somebody else.
Although we are not infringing the trademark since this is a non-commercial
product we could have run into some issues. So we have been professional
and changed the name to web2py.
Now SQLFORMs and FORM can have a formname and multiple forms are allowed 
per page.
A new examples/default/index page. instead of
mysql sets utf8 encoding.
input integer field values are automatically converted int().

#web2py v1.17
I posted v1.16 too soon. v1.17 was released after 1h to fix some bugs.

#web2py v1.18
removed vulnerability in accept_languages and session_id
Minor bug fixes. Typos and cleanup cache. Textarea now clears.
Support for PyAMF.
T returns a class, not a string
new template parser (faster?)
got rid of sintaxhighlighter in favor of server side CODE
fix problem with cacheondisk locking
fix 'None' instead of NULL in IS_NOT_IN_DB (I think)
notnull and unique in SQLField now supported (tested on sqlite mysql and postgresql)
Storage now has __getstate__ and __setstate__ needed for pickling.
session files are now locked to make it work better with asynchronous requests
cxoracle should work, apart for limitby
.../examples is now mapped to .../examples/default/index etc.
.../init is now mapped to .../welcome if init is not present

#web2py 1.19
minor typos

#web2py 1.20
new IFRAME, LABEL, FIELDSET validators 
P(..cr2br=True) option
FORM and SQLFORM have hidden=dict(...) option for REST
testing framework.
improved examples pages

#web2py 1.21
replaced paste.httpserver with cherrypy.wsgi server
temporary sessions are no longer saved
widget has [stop] button and graph
logging is done by main by appfactory
fixed a bug in sql belongs

#web2py 1.22-1.25
fixed minor bugs, added IS_NULL_OR

#web2py 1.26
added (thanks Limodou!)
added memcache support

#web2py 1.27
IS_NULL_OR now works will all fields
admin creates paths to static files
wsgiserver options are passed to HttpServer
faking limitby for oracle to make appadmin work
all objects inherit from object
fixed bug in app names with .
fixed bug in created RestrictedError object on windows
shell is now in gluon and accessible via

#web2py 1.28
fixed bug with belongs, faster
included jquery.js
minor aestetical fixes
sortable.js is gone

#web2py 1.29
Now selet mutliple works with get, so does is IS_LENGTH
fixed problem with admin from windows and localhost

#web2py 1.30
added flv to contenttype
added support for appengine

#web2py 1.31-1.41
some bug fixes, mostly better appengine support
mssql support
firebird support
widgets support
connection pools

fixed security issue by removing slash escape in mysql
removed random everywhere
use uuid for session and tickets
use http_x_forward_for to figure out the client causing a ticket
use longtext and longblob for mysql
main now really catches all exceptions
no more warnings on GAE

#1.43-1.48 rewrite (better support for custom forms) (Bill Ferrett)
new stickers in examples (thanks Mateusz)
on windows can run in taskbar (Mark Larsen)
in admin|edit page link to edit|controller (Nathan Freeze)
better error codes and routes_onerror (Timothy Farrell)
DAL support for groupy and having
DAL support for expressions instead of values
DAL has experimental Informix support
fixed bug with non-printable chars in DAL
'text' fields limited to 2**16 (to avoid mysql problems)
widget has -quiet and -debug (Attila Csipa)
web2py_session uses BLOB instead of TEXT
improved IS_URL
Runs with python 2.6 (Tim)
On GAE uses GAE for static files (Robin)

fixed a bug with taskbar widget, thanks Mark
fixed a bug with form.latest
made many DIV methods private (_)

Fixed some bugs introduced in 1.49

Fixed more bugs introduced in 1.49 (sql _extra and html select)
support for sqlite:memory:

Fixed a minor bug with _extra[key] and key not str.
check for upgrade via ajax

On GAE upload data goes automatically in datastore (blob created automatically)
New appadmin runs on GAE (most of it, not all)
Martin Hufsky patch allow slicing of fields in DAL expressions

fixed minor bugs

fixed bug when IS_IN_DB involved multiple fields on GAE
better unittests
response.custom_commit and response.custom_rollback
you can next cache calls (like cache a controller that caches a select). Thanks Iceberg
db( no longer returns an error but an empty SQLRows on GAE
db(...).delete(delete_uploads=True) and SQLFORM.accepts(....delete_uploads=True) will delete all referenced uploaded files
DIV.element and DIV.update
IS_IN_DB(...,multiple=True) for Many2Many (sort of)
In URL(...,f) f is url encoded
In routes_in=[['a/b/c/','a/b/c/?var=value']]
simplejson 2.0.7

Consider the following table:


now you can do:

# add a comment in the forms"(this is a comment)"

# do not show area in create/edit forms

 # do not show now in display forms

# automatically timestamp when record cretaed

# automatically timestamp when record is modified

# make the radius appear in bold in display and table value: B(value)

# make a form that automatically computes area
if form.accepts(request.vars,
onvalidation=lambda form: form.vars.area=pi*form.vars.radius**2): ...

# make a create form in two possible ways:

# make an update form in two possible ways:

# make a display form in two possible ways:

# so now you can do...


and you get a create form if the URL ends in /0, you get an update
form if the URL ends in /[valid_record_id]

#you can also define once for all


#and use it in all your tables



One more feature in trunk....


    db.image.file.authorize=lambda row: True or False

then controller
    def download(): return,db)
id' is now a hidden field sqlform
gql references converted to long
admin login has autofocus
new notation proposed by Robin, db.table[id]
new UploadWidget shows images
new generic.html shows request, response, session
new LEGEND helper (thanks Marcus)
fixed doctests in sql (thanks Robin)
new notation for DB

del db.table[id]

new class has lock_keys, lock_values
jquery 1.3.1
PEP8 compliance
new examples application
runs on jython (no database drivers yet, thanks Phyo)
fixed bugs in tests
passes all unittest but test_rewite (not sure it should pass that one)

Lots of patches from Fran Boone (about tools) and Dougla Soares de Andarde (Python 2.6 compliance, user use of hashlib instead of md5, new

fixing lots of small bugs with tool and languages

New ajax edit with keepalive (no longer logged out when editing code)
Fixed conflict resolution page.
Removed /user/bin/python from models/controllers

Fixed some CRON bugs
Fixed a bug with new ajax edit
Experimental DB2 support in DAL
Customizable font size in admin edit page
New welcome/models/ shows how to memcache sessions on GAE with MEMDB
More expressive titles in admin
DB2 support. Thanks Denes!

fixed lots of small bugs
routes_in can filter by http_host

fixed some typos
auth.add_permissions(0,....) 0 indicates group of current user
crud.update has deletable=True or False
fixed issue with GAE detection -> gluon.settings.web2py_runtime -> request

SQLFORMS and crud now show readble fields
Better WingIDE support
Languages are automatically translated
T.force and lazyT works better, optional T.lazy=False are now translated without T
if then request.env.web2py_original_uri
db.table.field.isattachment = True
internationalizaiton of admin by Yair by Alvaro
new MENU helper
new w2p file format
new welcome app with auth, service and crud turned on

no more import gluon.
support for
simplejson can handle datetime date and time

You can do jQuery.noConflict() without breaking web2py_ajax
Wigets can have attributes (thanks Hans)
Lots of internal cleanup and better code reusage (thanks Hans)

Models 2-3 times faster (thanks Alexey)
Better LDAP support
Works with Jython (including sqlite and postgresql with zxJDBC):

  download jython-2.5rc3.jar
  download qlite-jdbc-
  java -jar jython-xxx.jar
  export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/Users/mdipierro/jython2.5rc3/sqlite-jdbc-
  cd web2py

New IS_COMPLEX validator, thank Mr. Freeze
Experimental Informix support
Autologin on registration

Some bug fixes

Som bug fixes
Informix Support
SQLFORM.factory and SQLFORM.widgets.checkboxes

reST docstrings for Sphinx, thanks Hans
gluon/conrtib/login_methods/ for google CAS login on GAE, thanks Hans
fixed problem with Auth and Firebird 'password' issue
new auth.settings.create_user_groups
tickets stored on datastore on GAE and also logged, thanks Hans
imporved IS_LENGTH with max and min, thanks Mateusz
improved IS_EMAIL with filters, thanks Mateusz
new IS_IMAGE checks for format and size, thanks Mateusz
new IS_IPV4, thanks Mateusz

shell history, thanks sherdim
crontab editor, thanks Angelo
gluon/contrib/login_methods/ (thanks Hans)
DAL(...) instead of SQLDB(...)
DAL('gae') instead of GQLDB()
Field instead of SQLField
(the old syntax still works)

Fixed some small auth bugs

Fixed some small bugs and typos in the docstrings
Fixed AMF3 support

Fixed a sqlhtml bug with image upload

lables in auth auto-translate (thanks Alvaro)
better ldap_auth (thanks Fran)
auth chacks locally for blocked accounts even for alternate login methods (thanks Fran)

request.url (thanks Jonathan)
restored uploadfield_newfilename
new examples layout nad logo (thanks Mateusz)

new doctypes
new HTML and XHTML helpers
better IS_LENGTH

Python 2.4 support (again)
New layout for welcome
changed defauld field sizes to 512
appadmin works on GAE (again, somehting got broken at some point)
new wsgiserver 3.2.0 should fix recurrent broken download problems

Bux fixed

Security fix in markdown

New official markdown with security fix
New cron
New hindi and spanish translation
cached uploads allow for progress bars (thanks AndCycle)
ingres support (thanks Chris)
legacy database support for db2, mssql with non-int primary keys (thanks Denes)
default setting of content-type (this may cause strange behavior in old apps when downloading images)
IS_UPPER and IS_LOWER works with unicode
CLENUP not takes regex of allowed/now allowed chartares
New allows dynamic routes
Better error messages for IS_INT_* and IS_FLOAT_*

Fixing bug with admin and missing crontab
Fixing bug with rewrite.load on GAE (thanks Willian Wang)

Fixed a bug introduced in 1.68 about inserting unicode in DAL
Fixed other small bugs
Better support for legacy databases (thank Denes)
response.meta replaces, response.keywords, response.description
response.files stets dependes in plugins
better admin for packing/unpacking plugins
reference fiels nor evaluate to DALRef with lazy evaluation (cool, thanks Mr Freeze)
can insert a record in place of a reference
record[e] instead of record._extra[e] (tentatively!)
record.update_record() with no args
rows.find()  (thanks Mr Freeze)

Fixed bug with Rows.as_list and DALRef
Added Rows.as_dict (thanks Mr Freeze and Thedeus)
Added request.wsgi (thanks hcvst) allows running wsgi apps under web2py and applying wegi middleware to regular web2py actions that return strings.
Experimental distributed transactions between postgresql, mysql and firebird
Finally local_import is here!

Complete rewrite of Rows
renamed DALStorage->Rows, DALRef->Reference
Experimental serializarion of Row and Rows (get serialized to dict and list of dict)
DAL(...,folder) and template.render(content=, context=) make it more modular

#1.72.1 - 1.72.3
Better support for legacy databases

Fixed problem with storage and comparison of Row objects
Fixed problem with mail on GAE
Fixed problem with T in IS_DATE(TIME) error_message and format
Even better support for legacy databases
Experimantal support for non UTF8 encoding in DB
Better IPV4 (thanks Thandeus)
T.current_languages default to 'en' and new T.set_current_languages(...) (thanks Yarko)
INPUT(...,hideerror=False) used to fix rare chechbox widget problem
Admin allows change of admin password
New gluon/contrib/
Size of input/textarea set by CSS no more by jQuery  (thanks Iceberg)
Customizable CSV  (thanks Thandeus)
More bug fixed (thanks Thandeus)
Better regex for template fixed Jython problem (thank Jonathan)

Moved to mercurial
Default validators use the new define_table(....,format='...')
New get_vars and post_vars compatible in 2.5 and 2.6 (thanks Tim)
Major rewrite of extends DAL syntax on GAE
No more *.w2p, welcome.w2p is create automatically, base apps are always upgraded
export_to_csv(delimiter = ',', quotechar = '"', quoting = csv.QUOTE_MINIMAL), thanks Thadeus