riak / src / riak_map_executor.erl

%% This file is provided to you under the Apache License,
%% Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file
%% except in compliance with the License.  You may obtain
%% a copy of the License at

%%   http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0

%% Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,
%% software distributed under the License is distributed on an
%% KIND, either express or implied.  See the License for the
%% specific language governing permissions and limitations
%% under the License.    


-export([init/1, handle_event/3, handle_sync_event/4,
         handle_info/3, terminate/3, code_change/4]).


-record(state, {bkey,qterm,phase_pid,vnodes,keydata,ring}).

% {link, Bucket, Tag, Acc}
% {map, FunTerm, Arg, Acc}

% where FunTerm is one of:
% {modfun, Mod, Fun} : Mod and Fun are both atoms -> Mod:Fun(Obj,Keydata,Arg)
% {qfun, Fun} : Fun is an actual fun -> Fun(Obj,Keydata,Arg)

% all map funs (and link funs) must return a list of values,
% but that is not enforced at this layer

start_link(Ring,Input,QTerm,PhasePid) ->
    gen_fsm:start_link(?MODULE, [Ring,Input,QTerm,PhasePid], []).
%% @private
init([Ring,{{Bucket,Key},KeyData},QTerm0,PhasePid]) ->
    riak_eventer:notify(riak_map_executor, mapexec_start, start),
    DocIdx = riak_util:chash_key({Bucket,Key}),
    BucketProps = riak_bucket:get_bucket(Bucket, Ring),
    LinkFun = case QTerm0 of
        {link,_,_,_} -> proplists:get_value(linkfun, BucketProps);
        _ -> nop
    case LinkFun of
        linkfun_unset ->
            gen_fsm:send_event(PhasePid, {mapexec_error, self(),
                            io_lib:format("linkfun unset for ~s",[Bucket])}),
        _ ->
            QTerm = case QTerm0 of
                        {map, _, _, _} -> QTerm0;
                        {link, LB, LT, LAcc} -> {map, LinkFun, {LB, LT}, LAcc}
            N = proplists:get_value(n_val,BucketProps),
            Preflist = riak_ring:preflist(DocIdx, Ring),
            {Targets, _} = lists:split(N, Preflist),
            VNodes = try_vnode(QTerm, {Bucket,Key}, KeyData, Targets),

try_vnode(QTerm, BKey, KeyData, [{P,VN}|VNs]) ->
    riak_eventer:notify(riak_map_executor, try_vnode, {QTerm,BKey,P,VN}),
    gen_server:cast({riak_vnode_master, VN},
                    {vnode_map, {P,node()},
wait(timeout, StateData=#state{phase_pid=PhasePid,vnodes=[]}) ->
    gen_fsm:send_event(PhasePid, {mapexec_error, self(), "all nodes failed"}),
wait(timeout, StateData=
     #state{vnodes=VNodes,qterm=QTerm,bkey=BKey,keydata=KeyData}) ->
    {next_state, wait, StateData#state{
                         vnodes=try_vnode(QTerm, BKey, KeyData, VNodes)},
wait({mapexec_error, VN, ErrMsg},
     StateData=#state{phase_pid=PhasePid,vnodes=[]}) ->
    riak_eventer:notify(riak_map_executor, mapexec_vnode_err, {VN,ErrMsg}),    
    gen_fsm:send_event(PhasePid, {mapexec_error, self(), "all nodes failed"}),
wait({mapexec_error, VN, ErrMsg},StateData=
     #state{vnodes=VNodes,qterm=QTerm,bkey=BKey,keydata=KeyData}) ->
    riak_eventer:notify(riak_map_executor, mapexec_vnode_err, {VN,ErrMsg}),    
    {next_state, wait, StateData#state{
                         vnodes=try_vnode(QTerm, BKey, KeyData, VNodes)},
wait({mapexec_reply, RetVal, _VN}, StateData=#state{phase_pid=PhasePid}) ->
    gen_fsm:send_event(PhasePid, {mapexec_reply, RetVal, self()}),

%% @private    
handle_event(_Event, _StateName, StateData) ->

%% @private
handle_sync_event(_Event, _From, _StateName, StateData) ->

%% @private
handle_info(_Info, _StateName, StateData) ->

%% @private
terminate(Reason, _StateName, _State) ->
    riak_eventer:notify(riak_map_executor, mapexec_end, Reason),

%% @private
code_change(_OldVsn, StateName, State, _Extra) -> {ok, StateName, State}.
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