riak / Makefile

ERL          ?= erl
EBIN_DIRS    := $(wildcard deps/*/ebin)
APP          := riak

all:  webmachine erl 

erl: ebin/$(APP).app
	@$(ERL) -pa ebin -pa $(EBIN_DIRS) -noinput +B \
	  -eval 'case make:all() of up_to_date -> halt(0); error -> halt(1) end.'

	@(cd deps/webmachine;$(MAKE))

	@erl -noshell -run edoc_run application '$(APP)' '"."' '[]'
	@cp -r doc/* www/edoc
	@cp README www/
	@cp LICENSE www/
	@cp TODO www/

reldocs: docs
	@cd client_lib/java && make javadoc && \
		cp -r javadoc ../../www/java_client_api

	@echo "removing:"
	@rm -fv ebin/*.beam ebin/*.app

ebin/$(APP).app: src/$(APP).app.src
	@echo "generating ebin/"
	@bash scripts/ >ebin/	

dialyzer: erl 
	@dialyzer -Wno_return -c ebin/ | tee priv/log/dialyzer.log

test: erl
	scripts/run_tests.escript ebin | tee test.log
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