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<h3>What else can I read?</h3>

In addition to the documentation on this site and the source code on bitbucket, some useful Webmachine writing can be found on blogs and elsewhere.  A small sampling of these is here:
The <a href="">restful way</a> blog is almost entirely dedicated to Webmachine.
The <a href="">BeerRiot blog</a> contains multiple topics, including a wealth of examples and discussion of Webmachine.
The blog of <a href="">Andy Gross</a> has some
useful hints and tutorials.
Paul Mineiro posted about
<a href="">dynamically loading webmachine resources</a>.
<a href="">Kevin Smith</a>
teaches an excellent Erlang training class which often culminates with
development of applications in Webmachine.
There is a fairly low traffic
<a href="">mailing list</a>
for technical discussion of Webmachine.
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