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Issue #79 open
Former user created an issue

When I try to go Online, the game center screen pops up but immediately closes down. I cannot find anything on the internet about it. What can I do?

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  1. Wolf Rödiger repo owner

    We could not directly reproduce the issue. Please provide us with the following information to allow further investigations:

    – Which device do you use? (iPhone 2G–4S, iPad 1&2 or a iPod touch?)

    – Which version of iOS is affected?

    – Do you use the latest version of Naval Combat?

    At the moment we could think of the following reasons for the problem:

    – You are not correctly logged into Game Center (pleas try the Game Center app to log in)

    – Some problem with the Internet connection

    – Apple’s Game Center services could have had problems

    Since this problems seems to be caused directly by Game Center you might want to create a bug report directly at Apple’s site:

    We would love to help you resolve this issue, so please do write us if the problem persists!

    Cheers, Your Naval Combat Team

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Thanks mate, I will contact apple for this problem however I couldn't find anything on their sites either. Apparently, I have the same problem with Black Ops Zombies as well, so it is not really Naval Combat's problem... Thanks for your assistence.

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