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renamed by_footnotes to by_foots

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   process_foots inc print_foot (output_endline outc)
 (* renumber the footnote references *)
-let renumber by_footnotes =
-  if by_footnotes then renumber_by_foots else renumber_by_body
+let renumber by_foots =
+  if by_foots then renumber_by_foots else renumber_by_body
 (* process options and files given on command line or stdin *)
 let main () =
   if Array.length Sys.argv > 1 then
-    let by_footnotes = ref false in
+    let by_foots = ref false in
     let do_file f =
       let c = open_in f in
-      (try renumber !by_footnotes c stdout with e -> close_in c; raise e);
+      (try renumber !by_foots c stdout with e -> close_in c; raise e);
       close_in c
-    Arg.parse [("-f", Arg.Set by_footnotes,
+    Arg.parse [("-f", Arg.Set by_foots,
 		"Renumber footnotes by their original order")]
       do_file "Usage: footnotes [OPTION...] [file...]"
   else renumber_by_body stdin stdout;;