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 exception End_of_body;;
 (* read the body from inc, substitute the references from table refs *)
-(* if ref is not in refs, evaluate unknown_ref, print to outc *)
+(* if ref is not in refs, evaluate unknown_ref; print to outc *)
 let process_body inc outc refs unknown_ref =
   let sub_ref l _ =
     let old_n = int_of_string (Str.matched_group 1 l) in
   Array.iteri print_foot foots;;
-(* renumber the footnote reference by the original footnote order *)
+(* renumber the footnote references by the original footnote order *)
 let renumber_by_foots inc outc =
   while input_line inc <> sep_line do () done;
   let refs = Hashtbl.create 1000000 in
 let footnotes by_footnotes =
   if by_footnotes then renumber_by_foots else renumber_by_body;;
-(* call footnotes either with given files or with stdin *)
+(* process options and files given on command line or stdin *)
 let main () =
   if Array.length Sys.argv > 1 then
     let by_footnotes = ref false in