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renamed sub_refs to process_body

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 (* read the body from inc, substitute the references from table refs *)
 (* if ref is not in refs, evaluate unknown_ref, print to outc *)
-let sub_refs inc outc refs unknown_ref =
+let process_body inc outc refs unknown_ref =
   let sub_ref l _ =
     let old_n = int_of_string (Str.matched_group 1 l) in
     try ref_of_int (Hashtbl.find refs old_n)
 let renumber_by_body inc outc =
   let refs = Hashtbl.create 1000000 in
   let new_ref old_n = ref_of_int (insert_ref refs old_n) in
-  sub_refs inc outc refs new_ref;
+  process_body inc outc refs new_ref;
   let foots = Array.make (Hashtbl.length refs) None in
   let add_foot l old_n =
   process_foots inc add_foot_ref ignore;
   seek_in inc 0;
-  sub_refs inc outc refs (function _ -> "[?]");
+  process_body inc outc refs (function _ -> "[?]");
   let print_foot l old_n =
     let n = Hashtbl.find refs old_n in
     output_string outc (ref_of_int n);