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add g i

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 ;output "- over a! 8 ior or ior 15 or a or nop"
 ;output "- over a! 196608 ior or ior 262143 or a or nop"
 ;output "7 and dup . push or and dup pop or"
 ;output ". 7 and dup a! or and dup a or"
 ;output ". 65535 and dup a! or and dup a or"
 ;synthesis time 18945 s (5 hr 15 sec)
+;input "a! push a nop and pop a nop - and over @p 7 or and or nop"
+;input "a! push a nop - over @p nop 7 or and or nop pop or nop nop"
+;woonsen (not done) "nop push over 7 or pop and 7 or nop or"