A simple app to be able to use Mercurial as a front end to Team Foundation. 

Sometimes when you merge in TFS, newer changes that you have made in both source and target branches 
may be removed without conflict! If you value your source code, and do a lot of merges,
you will want to do it in Mercurial instead, using the transplant extension for cherry-picking. 

The way I set it up is to have one hg repository for each TFS branch I want to 
merge between. I can then 'hg transplant' between these repositories and avoid having TFS ruin my work. 

TfsToHg is a console application written in .Net 4. 
'hg init' a repository in the branch dir you want to convert. 
Run TfsToHg from that dir. 

For each changeset in TFS, TfsToHg will get that changeset and commit it to Hg. 
You shouldn't be working in this directory while TfsToHg is working. :)
Also, make sure that you don't have any pending changes. 

You can run the tool again and it will only synchronize new changesets. 

Obviously, TF.exe and Hg.exe need to be installed.