Carl Friedrich Bolz avatar Carl Friedrich Bolz committed 47edb5f

the test is actually worthless, because it cannot test the actually interesting cases about constant length-kwargs

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             assert l == [1, 2, 3, {'d': 4}]
             assert isinstance(l[-1], kwargsdict)
-    def test_match_kwds_creates_kwdict(self):
-        space = DummySpace()
-        kwds = [("c", 3), ('d', 4)]
-        for i in range(4):
-            kwds_w = dict(kwds[:i])
-            keywords = kwds_w.keys()
-            keywords_w = kwds_w.values()
-            w_kwds = dummy_wrapped_dict(kwds[i:])
-            if i == 3:
-                w_kwds = None
-            args = Arguments(space, [1, 2], keywords, keywords_w, w_starstararg=w_kwds)
-            assert args._dont_jit == (i != 3)
     def test_duplicate_kwds(self):
         space = DummySpace()
         excinfo = py.test.raises(OperationError, Arguments, space, [], ["a"],
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