Rollbar for Bitbucket Pipelines

This repo shows how to get deploy notifications in Rollbar when builds succeed in Bitbucket Pipelines.

Integration Instructions

  1. Add the ROLLBAR_ACCESS_TOKEN environment variable, as described below.
  2. Copy to your project.
  3. Add the step python to your bitbucket-pipelines.yml. For an example, see bitbucket-pipelines.yml in this repo.

Environment Variables

The following environment variables are supported. They can be configured in Bitbucket > Settings > Environment Variables. Only ROLLBAR_ACCESS_TOKEN is required.

Name Required Secured Description
ROLLBAR_ACCESS_TOKEN Required Secured a post_server_item access token for your Rollbar project. Go to your project in Rollbar, then Settings > Project Access Tokens.
ROLLBAR_ENVIRONMENT_{branch} Optional Not secured the name of the rollbar environment where we should record deploys for the branch {branch}. See examples below.
ROLLBAR_ENDPOINT Optional Not secured The URL to the deploy endpoint. Most users will not need to set this. Default value is

By default, only builds from the 'master' branch will be reported, and they will be reported to the 'production' environment. This can be customized by setting environment variables of the form:


For example, if your master branch deploys to 'prod' and your 'develop' branch deploys to 'staging':


To disable reporting for the master branch, set it to an empty value: