iniRemoveFile and iniSetParam

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Issue #16 resolved
athert created an issue

there are 2 problems with this functions (maybe 3.. i will talk about that later)

function iniRemoveFile doesnt remove file in folder where server.exe are placed. It print error message "cant remove file: blank.txt (-1)". Script => "iniRemoveFile("blank.txt");"

function iniSetParam doesnt work too. I try write something to .txt file but it doesnt save anything. Its without error. Script => "iniSetParam("save.txt","health",playerGetHealth(ID).tostring()); ". File save.txt is created and placed near server.exe.

and third problem can be with iniGetParam. But becouse i dont understand how must be "save" represented in .txt file i cant try that. So it will be great if you can check all this function about save/load (iniCreateFile work fine :) )

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  1. ahulkkonen

    Hello, we will look in to this and it will be fixed in the next version(s). You might have some luck with using the sqlite functions for now. Thanks for reporting! :)

  2. athert reporter

    big update! I just see that save.txt file was created in my gamemode folder. So i investigate this functions and this is result => All functions works fine (well i must try iniGetParam) but iniCreateFile created file near server.exe but iniSetParam and iniRemoveFile find that file near gamemode.nut (in gamemode folder)! So.. there is only problem that some functions get .txt from gamemode folder and some (create) put in server.exe main-folder. Thats all :)

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