playerSetCameraPos doesnt take float

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Issue #22 on hold
athert created an issue

i have test command for playerSetCameraPos but it doesnt work as i expect. Script => case "camon": local args = split(params," "); playerSetCameraPos(ID,args[0].tofloat(),args[1].tofloat(),args[2].tofloat(),args[3].tofloat(),args[4].tofloat(),args[5].tofloat()) sendPlayerMessage(ID, "camera on"); break; <= and i use it like "/camon -2120 0 -522 0.1 0 0" but last 3 floats looks like int values. I can use 0.1 or 1 but it still have same effect on camera rotation.

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  1. ahulkkonen

    Hello, we will look in to this and it will be fixed in the next version(s) :) Thanks for reporting!

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