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Ronald Oussoren
tweak docs
Ronald Oussoren
Removed tag r0.7.1
Ronald Oussoren
Added tag r0.7.1 for changeset 8a7b4c1c5473
Ronald Oussoren
* Add stubs for test cases. * Remove altgraph.compat.
Ronald Oussoren
Python 3 port of upload_doc
Ronald Oussoren
Add 'upload_docs' command to upload documentation to PyPI This adds a distutils command named 'upload_docs' that will upload the new sphinx-based documentation to PyPI, which means it can be viewed at <>. Also changes the home-page URL to the documentation site.
Ronald Oussoren
Small sphinx configuration tweaks
Ronald Oussoren
Translate docstrings into sphinx-compatible ReST This slightly tweaks the docstrings in the various modules to get nicer output. Also adds the license to the documentation and ensures that the changelog gets included into the LONG_DESCRIPTION instead of being repeated there. The documentation is still fairly minimal, but good enough for now.
Ronald Oussoren
Initial version of sphinx-based documentation for altgraph This checkin creates the documentation structure and adds minimal documentation for all modules using the "autodoc" extension. The documentation looks ugly at this point and will be replaced by proper documentation in later checkins. This at gives a nice enough starting point for that work.
Ronald Oussoren
change URLs in
update tags
Clean up tests, based on patch by Tom MacWright
Some minor tweaks: * python test works * NEWS in docstring
Initial python3 support
Update svn:ignore
patch from SHIBUKAWA Yoshiki to allow graph or digraph output
compat bugfix
dev cfg
version bump