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 5175cf02a628236f712ebe7b0e6fc544233b8d2b modulegraph-0.10
 7a6ccc0c01320eeafcd7dd2dd72c8c9d0512e131 modulegraph-0.10.1
 d50e241095ddfe1ba3b965bb231b39cd8d4a51d6 modulegraph-0.10.2
+2279de99d2acba3428771731a979811d3a840966 modulegraph-0.10.3


 * ...
+This is a bugfix release
 Copyright (c) Bob Ippolito
-Parts are copyright (c) 2010 Ronald Oussoren
+Parts are copyright (c) 2010-2013 Ronald Oussoren
 MIT License

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