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parse_mf_results failed when one of the scripts had a name that didn't end in '.py'

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File doc/changelog.rst

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-* ...
+* ``modulegraph.find.modules.parse_mf_results`` failed when the main script of
+  a py2app module didn't have a file name ending in '.py'.

File modulegraph/find_modules.py

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 import warnings
 import modulegraph.modulegraph as modulegraph
-from modulegraph.modulegraph import Alias
+from modulegraph.modulegraph import Alias, Script
 from modulegraph.util import imp_find_module
 __all__ = [
         if src:
             suffix = os.path.splitext(src)[1]
-            if suffix in PY_SUFFIXES:
+            if isinstance(item, Script):
+                # Scripts are python files
+                py_files.append(item)
+            elif suffix in PY_SUFFIXES:
             elif suffix in C_SUFFIXES: