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2   Introduction

2.1   What is objective.cparser?

objective.cparser is a basic parser for the Objective-C language, written in pure Python. It is based on pycparser.

The primary goal for objective.cparser is to provide a parsing tool for Apple's system headers that can be used by PyObjC's metadata extraction tools.

A longer term goal is to provide a library that can be integrated in other applications that need to parse (Objective-)C source code.

2.2   Which version of Objective-C does objective.cparser support?

The library supports the full Objective-C language as provided by the CLang compiler that's integrated with XCode on MacOSX 10.7.

Current limitations:

  • The parser does not yet implement parsing for @implementation blocks, and therefore can also not parse method definitions.
  • The parser does not yet implement parsing for block definitions, but only supports type declations for blocks (as used in parameter definitions and typedef statements)
  • The parser does not yet understand the __attribute__ extension.

2.3   How is objective.cparser licensed?

New BSD License

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