objective.cparser / todo.txt

- Clean up the parsing rules for the Objective-C bits, I've been hacking
  on this without actually looking at the documentation of the underlying parser

- BUG: 
    @interface FOO {} 
    FOO* bar;

  This fails with a parse error; adding a semi-colon after '@end'
  ensures we have a correct parse?
- not sure if MethodDef AST is useful 
- add __typeof__ type calculus to grammar
- __attribute__
- __asm__

- enhance until we can parse Cocoa headers
- then write script to extract pyobjc metadata

less important:

@implementation parsing
block definition parsing
With (id <NSObject>) we're not saving the protocol list in the AST

BUG (inherited from pycparser):

  typedef int foo;

  int func(float foo); /* <-- invalid parse error */
  int func(foo foo); /* <-- invalid parse error */

Need to add unittests to ensure we're actually correct