Ronald Oussoren avatar Ronald Oussoren committed 989e273

Add file instead of relying on setuptools' automagic selection of files

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+include *.txt *.py
+graft doc
+graft doc/_static
+graft doc/_templates
+graft py2app_tests
+graft py2app/apptemplate
+graft py2app/bundletemplate
+global-exclude .DS_Store
+global-exclude *.pyc
+global-exclude *.so
+prune py2app/apptemplate/prebuilt/main*.dSYM
+prune py2app/bundletemplate/prebuilt/main*.dSYM


 - Fix build issues with python 2.5 (due to usage of too modern distutils
   command subclasses)
+- The source distribution didn't include all files that needed to be
+  it ever since switching to mercurial, I've added a 
+  file rather than relying on setuptool's autoguessing of files to include.
 py2app 0.5.2
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