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-py2app is a suite of distutils extensions for Python
-development on the Mac.  The additional distutils
-commands (when imported) are as follows:
+py2app is a Python setuptools command which will allow
+you to make standalone Mac OS X application bundles
+and plugins from Python scripts.
-    Converts python scripts into executable Mac OS X
-    applications, able to run without requiring an
-    existing python installation. This is a
-    replacement for bundlebuilder.
-    Extensible Mac OS X installer package creation
-    command.  By default it creates a self-contained
-    metapackage that separates your package's
-    components by install scheme (platlib, scripts,
-    headers, etc.).  It can be subclassed to provide
-    additional subpackages such as dependencies,
-    example code, documentation, applications, Xcode
-    templates, etc.
-The following pieces of the py2app suite may also be
-of general interest:
-    Cross-platform extremely flexible replacement for
-    modulefinder that uses a graph data structure to
-    track dependencies.
-    General purpose graph library, forked from graphlib.
-    Mach-O header tool suite.  Can be used to analyze and
-    rewrite dependencies or symbols in Mach-O headers.
-    Primarily used as a replacement for otool
-    and install_name_tool.
+py2app is similar in purpose and design to py2exe for
     # metadata
-    description='distutils command for creating Mac OS X applications',
+    description='Create standalone Mac OS X applications with Python',
     author='Bob Ippolito',