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+Frequently Asked Questions
+* "Mach-O header may be too large to relocate"
+  Py2app will fail with a relocation error when
+  it cannot rewrite the load commands in shared
+  libraries and binaries copied into the application
+  or plugin bundle.
+  This error can be avoided by rebuilding binaries
+  with enough space in the Mach-O headers, either
+  by using the linker flag "-headerpad_max_install_names"
+  or by installing shared libraries in a deeply
+  nested location (the path for the install root needs
+  to be at least 30 characters long).
 .. toctree::
    :maxdepth: 2
+   faq
 Copyright (c) 2010-2012 Ronald Oussoren <ronaldoussoren at>.
 .. _`setuptools`:
 .. _`py2exe`:
 .. _`PSF`:
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