Ronald Oussoren  committed fd2c444

Issue #78: --packages aren't on sys.path

Without this patch packages added using the --packages option
are not on sys.path for semi-standalone builds.

Reported by Steve Strassman.

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File doc/changelog.rst

   build plugins into the same target folder (such as the plugins folder
   of an application)
+- Issue #78: Packages added using the ``--packages`` option didn't end up
+  on ``sys.path`` for semi-standalone applications.
+  Reported by Steve Strassmann
 py2app 0.7.1

File py2app/bootstrap/

     resources = os.environ['RESOURCEPATH']
         resources, 'lib', 'python%d.%d'%(sys.version_info[:2]), 'lib-dynload'))
+    sys.path.append(os.path.join(
+        resources, 'lib', 'python%d.%d'%(sys.version_info[:2])))

File py2app_tests/

 class TestExplicitIncludesWithPackage (TestExplicitIncludes):
     py2app_args = [ '--packages=package2' ]
+class TestExplicitIncludesWithPackageSemiStandalone (TestExplicitIncludes):
+    py2app_args = [ '--packages=package2', '--semi-standalone' ]
 if __name__ == "__main__":