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Ronald Oussoren
Add first question to a faq
Ronald Oussoren
Documentation updates This patch moves the changelog to a separate file and includes it in the sphinx documentation tree.
Ronald Oussoren
Small tweaks to the documentation * Fetch py2app version from instead of hardcoding in * Remove old documentation output * Do not list bdist_mpkg as a dependency, that package is not used anymore and AFAIK isn't maintained.
Ronald Oussoren
Conversion of the documentation to sphinx. Thanks to Virgil Dupras <> for doing the conversion.
Sync with the version in Leopard. The news section for this: Features: - Support for CoreData mapping models (introduced in Mac OS X 10.5) - Support for python packages that are stored in zipfiles (such as ``zip_safe`` python eggs). Bug fixes: - Fix incorrect symlink target creation with an alias bundle that has included frameworks. - Stuffit tends to extract archives recursively, which results in unzipped code archives inside py2app-created bundles.…
py2app 0.3.6
version bump to 0.3.5
version bump to 0.3.4
use hyphens to refer to options
fix literal
fix literal-block
remove dead link
version bump
py2app 0.3.2
doc update