py2app / README.txt

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Ronald Oussoren
Documentation updates This patch moves the changelog to a separate file and includes it in the sphinx documentation tree.
Ronald Oussoren
Update changelog
Ronald Oussoren
Support the 'install_requires' keyword to setup.
Ronald Oussoren
Ensure app bundles work in non-ASCII directories This check-in ensures that app-bundles created by py2app work when the application is stored in a directory where the full name contains non-ascii characters and the application uses Python 3.
Ronald Oussoren
Update NEWS section in the readme
It is now possible to use pip to install namespace packages and use py2app to create a standalone application.
Disable compilation of .nib files, .xib files are still compiled. Also bump modulegraph dependency to a version that does support ``from __future__ import absolute_import`` and relative imports.
Fix issue with locating the stub executable when using /usr/bin/python2.5
* Ensure the readme is valid ReST. * Bump version
The stub executables didn't get included in the egg files. Furthermore, the name of the stub executable for 32-bit builds was wrong for the bundle template.
Minor bugfixes and tweaks
update docs