Issue #64 resolved

py2app not working in alias mode

Bouke Haarsma avatarBouke Haarsma created an issue

py2app in alias mode does not link to my Python installation. I installed Python using homebrew, so its libs are installed in:


When I run import sys; print sys.path, these paths are not listed in alias mode. When I run my app using a normal python invocation, there is no problem. As these paths are missing, even importing os or threading fails. The paths to my virtualenv packages are picked up correctly, it seems only to be limited to the python libs.

I could not verify this issue with the repo source as it references altgraph 0.10, which is not in PyPi (yet?).

Comments (3)

  1. Bouke Haarsma

    I installed the requirements from your repos, now alias mode working is fine with the latest repo version. However, now another more serious problem arises with non-alias mode, see issue #65.

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