Issue #77 resolved

stdout/stderr not showing up in logs

Anonymous avatarAnonymous created an issue

In Mountain Lion (10.8.2), py2app 0.7.1

Output from stdout/stderr does not show up in the console log. I've tried

print "hello"
raise Exception("oops")
import logging

but nothing appears in the logs

I tried the example in py2app/examples/Tkinter/hello_tk The widget runs fine; I get a window with two buttons. The 'quit' button works fine, but the 'hello' button has no effect.

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  1. Ronald Oussoren

    I've verified the same behavior with an Objective-C program: logging using Cocoa's NSLog does end up in, while output with fprintf to stdout and stderr doesn't end up in

    This means that this is a change in the behavior of OSX, and I'm not sure if it is easily possible to work around this.

  2. Ronald Oussoren

    I've tried using asl_log_descriptor, but I'm not having a lot of progress.

    I've added this function to py2app/apptemplate/src/main.c and called it early in main():

    #include <asl.h>
    static void
    setup_logging(char*const* argv)
        aslclient c = asl_open("py2app", "", ASL_OPT_NO_DELAY);
        int fd = dup(2);
        asl_set_filter(c, ASL_FILTER_MASK_UPTO(ASL_LEVEL_DEBUG));
        asl_add_log_file(c, fd);
        asl_log(c, NULL, ASL_LEVEL_INFO, "Hello world from py2app launcher");
        asl_log_descriptor(c, NULL, ASL_LEVEL_INFO, 1,  ASL_LOG_DESCRIPTOR_WRITE);
        asl_log_descriptor(c, NULL, ASL_LEVEL_INFO, 2, ASL_LOG_DESCRIPTOR_WRITE);

    This does result in print output getting redirected through ASL: the output is now prefix by the normal logging header (timestamp, ident, ...). So far, so good. The output does not end up in though.

    To get to a workable solution a couple of things need to change:

    1) Update the function until output actually ends up in

    2) Use explicit weak-linking of the ASL functions, in "asl_log_descriptor" is only available on 10.8 and the stub needs to work on earlier OSX releases as well (and needs to be build there)

    The second item is easy, the former is harder because I have no idea why it doesn't work yet.

  3. Ronald Oussoren

    The attached patch might help, I need to test further before applying (and need to start a VM for rebuilding the binaries).

    On my machine lines only end up in when I use a separate account with administrator permissions, it doesn't work with my main account.

  4. Ronald Oussoren

    The following code works in a standalone program, this still has to be integrated into py2app's stub executable:

    #include <asl.h>
    #include <unistd.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    static void
            aslmsg msg;
            aslclient c = asl_open("py2app", "", 0);
            msg = asl_new(ASL_TYPE_MSG);
            asl_set(msg, ASL_KEY_FACILITY, "");
            asl_set(msg, ASL_KEY_LEVEL, ASL_STRING_NOTICE);
            asl_set(msg, ASL_KEY_READ_UID, "-1");
            int fd = dup(2);
            //asl_set_filter(c, ASL_FILTER_MASK_UPTO(ASL_LEVEL_DEBUG));
            asl_add_log_file(c, fd);
            asl_log(c, NULL, ASL_LEVEL_INFO, "Hello world from py2app launcher");
            asl_log_descriptor(c, msg, ASL_LEVEL_INFO, 1,  ASL_LOG_DESCRIPTOR_WRITE);
            asl_log_descriptor(c, msg, ASL_LEVEL_INFO, 2, ASL_LOG_DESCRIPTOR_WRITE);
    int main(void)
            printf("hello world, this is a printf\n");

    The aslmsg argument is required, as are all options set on that message.

  5. Ronald Oussoren

    Changeset 83851461d4b7 in the 0.7 branch more or less contains the setup code from my previous message.

    More work is needed for the final solution: with this changeset stdout/stderr are unconditionally redirected to ASL and that makes it impossible to wrap command-line tools with py2app (and therefore breaks the test suite).

    A subsequent patch will add detection of the way the app was launched: through LaunchServices (Finder) or otherwise.

  6. Ronald Oussoren

    Update the fix for issue #77

    The code now detects that a '-psn' argument as added by the Finder / LaunchServices is present and only redirects the output when the option is detected. This makes is possible to wrap command-line tools again (unless someone actually has command-line options that can be spelled as -psn_<digit>).

    Closes #77

    → <<cset 4ef271a4bb00>>

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