py2app doesn't support egg metadata

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Ronald Oussoren
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py2app currently doesn't look at egg metadata at all, and therefore doesn't copy that metadata into the resulting application/plugin bundles.

This means that applications or libraries that use egg metadata (such as entry-points) won't work in an bundle created by py2app

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  1. Glyph

    For what it's worth, this bug caused us hours of headaches today on Mimic when our mac app build started failing due to testtools introducing a runtime dependency on egg metadata.

    For now we will likely stick with old versions of testtools or abandon it, but it was a bit sad that a 5-year-old bug triggered this headache.

  2. Ronald Oussoren reporter

    My current plan is to add two features:

    1) Provide a switch to include entire PyPI packages

    2) Add a mapping from module names to PyPI packages (using egg metadata)

    With this information py2app can then copy the metadata for all PyPI packages that are (partially) used to the right location inside the app bundle.

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