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Issue #16 resolved

argv emulation code needs rewrite

Ronald Oussoren
repo owner created an issue

The argv emulation code doesn't work with python 3.x or with 64-bit binaries. These are separate issues, but with a simuar solution: the argv emulator needs to be rewritten using ctypes.

It doesn't work in 3.x because the Carbon package is no longer present.

It doesn't work in 2.x with 64-bit code because the code uses APIs that aren't available in 64-bit code (in particular the event loop code).

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  1. Ronald Oussoren reporter

    I've checked in a rewrite of the argv_emulation code that uses ctypes to call Carbon/CoreFoundation APIs that work in 64-bit code.

    The result of that is that the argv_emulator now works with all supported versions of python.

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