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Issue #75 resolved

unable to have same --dist-dir for separate plugins

Anonymous created an issue

I'm using py2app to crate plugins for my app.

I have a script build phase in xcode that loops though a folder and passes the setup.py scripts one at a time to py2app. The intent is to have py2app build all the plugins to the same directory, in this case the plugin directory for my app. the problem is that py2app for some reason removes contents of dist-dir each time it runs so only the last plugin is built.

Am I missing the point of the dist-dir option? is this a bug or am i supposed to have to build them all to different directories then have another command copy them from there? I verified the problem using terminal so its not just a bug in my script.

If this is not a bug please consider it as a feature request for a method to easily build several bundles to the same directory.

This is using the latest version from hg btw.

Comments (2)

  1. Ronald Oussoren repo owner

    This the unwanted side effect of the workaround for another feature. The build and dist directories get cleared to ensure that pyapp does not do incremental builds (we've had some problem with that in the past).

    What it should do is erase just the subdirectory in dist-dir that is created (the output bundle itself).

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