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Would be cool if it'd be possible to somehow specify list of QuickLook plugins to include into resulting bundle.

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  1. Ronald Oussoren repo owner

    I agree. Adding support for just copying a pre-compiled (QuickLook) plugin would be easy enough, adding support for compiling the code should be not much harder.

    See also #63.

    In the longer run I'd like to enhance py2app to control the entire application build process, including building plugins, helper applications and performing code signing.

  2. Kentzo reporter

    This is great. But for this specific issue (including pre-compiled QuickLook) options to add files to MyApp/Library would be enough. E.g. by adding --quicklook

  3. Ronald Oussoren repo owner

    The attached patch is completely untested, but should do what you want:

    • There is a new option --include-plugins

    • The argument is a comma-separated list of plugins, py2app knows how to copy QuickLook plugins and some other plugins to the right subdirectory

    • When specifying the option in a file you can also explicitly specify the subdirectory (for plugins that py2app doesn't know about yet)


    • I haven't tested this patch at all, there might be typos in the code and it might not copy files to the right location

    • There need to be unit tests for this feature


    • Documentation: the documentation is far from optimal, but matches the rest of py2app. Better documentation for this option can wait until I restructure the py2app documentation.
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