1. Ronald Oussoren
  2. py2app


py2app / TODO.txt

* EasyDialogs rsrc files
* Refactor the Python bootstraps to compile the boot script and the main script
* Put the main script in the zip, possibly the boot script too
  Maybe not, this might break dirname(__name__) junk?
  But not with the code object..
* Use an egg runtime zipimport metapath replacement thing.
* Clean the dist dir when switching build styles (alias vs. non-alias)
* Write recipe for including wxWidgets .rsrc file
* Fix wxPython
* Pango?
* Build DMG option for py2app and bdist_mpkg
* Make it useful to build multiple apps/plugins in one setup()?
* Allow bdist_mpkg to build .pyc/.pyo post-install
* bdist_mpkg name to not include version
* fix this::

    TypeError: compile() expected string without null bytes


    -> co = compile (fp.read().replace("\r\n", "\n")+'\n',pathname, 'exec')

* make py2applet --help work