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File pyobjc-framework-AddressBook/Examples/Plugins/Python Address Label/

 and then copy it to  '~/Library/Address\ Book\ Plug-Ins' (this folder may
 not exist yet.
-from __future__ import unicode_literals
 from AddressBook import kABAddressProperty
 from AppKit import NSObject, NSNull, NSStringPboardType

File pyobjc-framework-AddressBook/Examples/Scripts/

-#!/usr/bin/env python2.3
+#!/usr/bin/env python3
 This script gives a short example on how to use the addressbook framework,
 it creates an CSV file containing information about all entries in the
         for row in bookFields(book, [ f[1] for f in FIELD_NAMES]):
-        fp.close()
 if __name__ == "__main__":

File pyobjc-framework-AddressBook/Examples/Scripts/

-#!/usr/bin/env python
+#!/usr/bin/env python3
 This script prints some information on 'My Card'  record using
 the AddressBook C API.