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Helper project for constructing the PyObjC website

This project is currently a work in progress,
in particular the output of this project is
not yet used on the actual website.

To use this project:

* Make sure sphinx is installed

* This project should be cloned next to
  a pyobjc checkout.

* Collect the documentation sources from
  the pyobjc source tree:

    $ python3 ./pyobjc-website collect

* Create the HTML code for the website:

    $ python3 ./pyobjc-website html

* Look at the website using:

     $ open _build/html/index.html"


* Documentation is incomplete and often
  only useful when you already understand
  how the project works.

* I'm now using an unmodified default sphinx
  template, this could use some tweaking
  to get a nicer and more distinct L&F.

* Add subcommand to publish the stub/redirect
  sites for the various subprojects