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- Install.txt mentions the Xcode templates
- Add documented-based application template to NEWS
- Some additional TODO messages

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 * Likewise for class-builder.m, this file is way to large.
+* We've several types that wrap pointer values, such as ``SessionWrapper`` in
+  ``Modules/AppKit``. Should add a function for creating these types, 
+  possibly exposed to C code.
 Support for GNUstep

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 Project Templates
+Xcode on MacOS X 10.3
+The ``Xcode`` directory contains some file and project that make it easier to
+work with Python and PyObjC when using `Xcode`__.
+.. __:http://www.apple.com/xcode
+Copy the templates in ``Xcode/File templates`` to ``/Library/Application Support/Apple/Development Tools/File Templates``. Copy the templates in ``Xcode/Project Templates`` to ``/Library/Application Support/Apple/Development Tools/Project Templates``.
+There are two project templates:
+* Cocoa-Python Application
+  A project created from this template is designed to implement standalone,
+  pure-Python, applications that are compatible with Apple's build of Python as
+  well as all other builds of python that support PyObjC.
+  When building the 'install' target, the resulting application wrapper will
+  included the PyObjC module and can be launched on any stock OS X 10.3 system
+  without requiring PyObjC to be preinstalled.
+* Cocoa-Python Document-based Application
+  This template works like the Cocoa-Python Application template in that it
+  is compatible with the Apple build of Python.   It creates an application 
+  that uses Cocoa's Multiple Document Architecture in the same fashion as the
+  default Cocoa Document-based Application supplied with Project Builder. 
+Project Builder on MacOS X 10.2
 The ``ProjectBuilder Extras`` directory contains additional files that can
 be used with Project Builder. The directory ``Specifications`` contains files
 that enable syntax coloring for Python files in Project Builder.


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 - KVO now actually works from Python without using nasty hacks.
+- Added Xcode template for document-based applications
 Version 1.1b2 (2004-04-11)