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Mark version as 1.3.1 to not confuse with soft-launched 1.3.0

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  * Central include file for PyObjC. 
-#define OBJC_VERSION "1.3"
+#define OBJC_VERSION "1.3.1"
 // Loading in AppKit on Mac OS X 10.3 results in
 // a bit less than 1500 classes.
   ``array.array`` (but not ``str`` or ``unicode``) are now bridged as
   ``NSData`` subclasses.
+Version 1.3 (2005-03-31)
 - New ``objc.pyobjc_id`` function that returns a the id of the underlying
   NSObject as an integer.  (Python wrapper objects are often made on the
   fly, meaning ``id(obj)`` is not constant during the lifetime of the
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