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Explicitly mention that 'Foundation.protocols' (and similar modules in other wrappers) are deprecated

See issue #25 for more information. I'll add a call to warnings.warn in PyObjC 2.6, and then
remove these modules in PyObjC 3.0.

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File pyobjc-core/NEWS.txt

    Version 2.5 is currently in development and hasn't been released
+- A number of framework wrappers have a "protocols" submodule containing
+  protocol objects (for example the module 'Foundation.protocol'). Use
+  of these modules is deprecated, they will be removed in PyObjC 3.0.
+  Use :func:`objc.protocolNamed` to access protocols instead.
 - Instances of :class:`objc.ivar` now have slots for introspection:
   - *__typestr__*: The type encoding