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Document that PyObjC does not support Objective-C GC.

Fixes issue #36

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+Objective-C Garbage Collection
+Starting from Mac OS X 10.5 Objective-C supports an optional Garbage Collection (GC) for code that is 
+explictly compiled to support (or require) garbage collection. The GC system is deprecated in OS X 10.8.
+PyObjC does *not* support the GC system, the core bridge is currently not GC save and using PyObjC in
+a proces that uses GC is not supported (and the default compilation flags for PyObjC also don't mention
+that the code supports GC).
+Because GC is not supported you cannot write Screen Savers with PyObjC on Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7 systems when
+the system is running with a 64-bit user-space.
+Technical issues w.r.t. GC support
+The following is an incomplete list of issues that make it impossible to use PyObjC with GC.  
+* The ``OC_*`` classes (Objective-C proxies for Python objects) have a ``-dealloc`` method, but 
+  no ``-finalize`` method. This will cause memory leaks when using GC because the Python reference count
+  is never decreased.
+* Python subclasses of Cocoa classes have a (generated) ``-dealloc`` method that cleans up the python
+  state of the object. They don't have a ``finalize`` method, once again causing memory leaks.
+* The bridge uses ``NSMapTable`` instances to store the proxy objects for Python and Objective-C objects
+  (one to get the proxy object for Python objects and one to get the proxy objects for Objective-C objects).
+  Those currently contain strong references for both keys and values, which means Python objects that have 
+  passed the bridge cannot die because their proxy will never be garbage collected.
+* The ``NSMapTable`` instances mentioned in the previous item are likely not used thread safely in GC-ed
+  processes (the use is currently serialized using Python's GIL)
+* *All* Objective-C code needs to be reviewed to check if it is GC-safe.
+I don't expect that PyObjC will ever support GC because Apple has deprecated GC in OS X 10.8, and will likely 
+remove GC support in some future release.  It is therefore not worthwhile to spend a signficant amount of time
+on making PyObjC GC-safe.

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   sets, that is calling ``cmp(anNSSet, aValue)`` will raise a TypeError exception unless
   both arguments are the same object (``anNSSet is aValue``).
+- Issue #36: explictly document that PyObjC does not support the Objective-C Garbage Collection
+  system (introduced in OSX 10.5, deprecated in OSX 10.8), and also mention this in the
+  documentation for the screen saver framework because the screen saver engine uses GC on 
+  OSX 10.6 and 10.7.
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