Ronald Oussoren committed 3c6e22b

updates for working with MallocGuard

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 # expected failures in this text.
 Running TestSuite for PyObjC %s
+Using Python %s
 NOTE: Loading the testcases takes some time.
 Expected test failures:
 - FAIL: test_CheckNSInvoke (objc.test.test_ctests.CTests)
   This checks for a bug in Cocoa on MacOS X 10.2, 10.3
+- FAIL: test_TestArrayCoding (objc.test.test_ctests.CTests)
+  This checks for a bug/feature of Cocoa on MacOS X 10.2, should not 
+  occur on MacOS X 10.3 and later.
+"""%(objc.__version__, sys.version)
 def recursiveGlob(root, pathPattern):


                 if not nm.endswith('.py'): continue
         	path = os.path.join(dirname, nm)
         	print "-- Running '%s'"%path
+                if 0:
+                    os.environ['DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES']='/usr/lib/libgmalloc.dylib'
+                    os.environ['DYLD_FORCE_FLAT_NAMESPACE']='1'
         	fd = os.popen("'%s' '%s' 2>&1"%(sys.executable, path), 'r')
                 ln = ''
                 for _ln in fd.xreadlines():
                     if _ln.startswith('Unable to retrieve information about SIGPIPE'): continue
                     # Debugging version of python
-                    if _ln.startswith('[') and _ln.endswith(' refs]\n'): continue
+                    if _ln[0] == '[' and _ln.endswith(' refs]\n'): continue
+                    # MallocGuard output
+                    if _ln.startswith('GuardMalloc-'): continue
+                    if _ln.startswith('Allocations will be placed on '):continue
+                    if _ln.startswith(' - Small buffer overruns may '): continue
+                    if _ln.startswith(' - Applications using AltiVec '):continue
                     ln = _ln
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