Ronald Oussoren committed 4ee2833

Add unittest for selector.native_signature

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         self.assertEquals(objc._C_OUT, "o")
         self.assertEquals(objc._C_INOUT, "N")
+    def testNativeSignature(self):
+        s = objc.selector(lambda(x,y):1, signature="ii")
+        self.assertEquals(s.native_signature, None)
+        self.assertRaises(TypeError, setattr, s, 'native_signature', 'v@:ii')
+        s = objc.lookUpClass('NSObject').description
+        self.assertRaises(TypeError, setattr, s, 'native_signature', 'v@:ii')
+        # We know that the description signature isn't changed by default
+        self.assertEquals(s.signature, s.native_signature)
+        # Check that changing s.signature doesn't affect s.native_signature
+        try:
+            x = s.signature
+            s.signature = 'v@:ii'
+            self.assertEquals(s.native_signature, x)
+            self.assertEquals(s.signature, 'v@:ii')
+        finally:
+            s.signature = x
 if __name__ == '__main__':
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